Regular contact lenses vs. colored contact lenses

In recent years, more and more people have chosen to wear contact lenses, but many people have concerns about choosing regular contact lenses or colored contact lenses. They believe regular contact lenses are healthier and safer than colored contact lenses. Nevertheless, multicolorlab relies on the technology of "sandwich pad printing". This production process completely isolates the pigment from the cornea, ensuring the stability and safety of the contact lens pigment, and effectively protecting the health of the eyes. Therefore, you can be sure to choose multicolorlab colored contact lenses.

If you are more interested in fashion and beauty, we recommend you to choose colored contact lenses. With appealing use, colored contact lenses can change the color of the iris and increase the radiance of the eyes. At the same time, it can match your different styles of makeup and clothing to enhance and change your temperament, which has better decorative and fashionable characteristics. In addition, colored contact lenses can correct myopia, achieving the effect of beauty and correction in one. The function of normal contact lenses includes vision correction, astigmatism correction and others. They are generally transparent.

Choice of water content

The water content is the proportion of water in the contact lens. We generally define high water content contact lenses as those with a water content greater than 50%. However, the water content is not higher, the better.

Lenses with a high water content are softer and very comfortable for the first few hours. However, the soft material is more demanding to wear, which is more complicated to handle for beginners. And it's also easier to deposit proteins and grow bacteria. If you are a person who has less tear secretion, sits in front of the computer for a long time, lives in a low humidity area, or stays in an air-conditioned room for a long time, you will feel dry after wearing it for a long time, and it will not be easy to take it off. Therefore, contact lenses with a high water content are generally suitable for short-term use, such as everyday wear. Lenses with a lower water content are harder and have lower oxygen permeability. Therefore, it is suitable for most environments and people.

In summary, when choosing water content, you need to consider your eye conditions and environmental conditions. Most multicolorlab colored contact lenses have a water content between 38% and 42%, are easy to use and can be worn comfortably for up to 8 hours.

Applicable people and scenes

Many people mistakenly think that they can't wear contact lenses in situations like grilling and cooking, but that's not the case. Colored contact lenses are suitable for a variety of people and scenes, but some situations are not suitable for wearing lenses:

  1. Because the eye axis is not yet formed and self-care awareness is low, we do not recommend children to wear colored contact lenses.
  2. patients with some diseases. Such as colds, fevers, allergies, eye diseases.
  3. Certain sports. Some sports can easily cause bacteria to get into the eyes, such as swimming, diving, etc.
  4. High intraocular pressure People on planes, menstruating or pregnant have higher intraocular pressure than usual. Their eyes are more prone to congestion, which is unsuitable for wearing contact lenses.

Wearing Tips

The safety of colored contact lenses is guaranteed when used correctly. Here are some wearing tips:

  1. Don't wear them for too long. If you are trying contact lenses for the first time, we recommend wearing them for no more than 6 hours on the first day. After you get used to the contact lens, you can wear it for about 7-8 hours a day. And please note that it is not recommended to wear it while sleeping.
  2. Practice hygiene, use professional care solutions when preserving, and do not reuse potions. Before wearing, wash hands thoroughly with soap and dry with a lint-free object.
  3. Put on your contact lenses before applying makeup to avoid getting oils, creams, or lotions on the lenses. Please also remove your contact lenses before using make-up remover.

In addition, you can carry out the following checks before wearing:

  1. Check if the contact lens is cracked as any damage can easily cause eye irritation.
  2. Check beforehand that it has not been soaked in care solutions (no soaking required for daily contact lenses).
  3. Check if there is less or more on the contact lens.
  4. Check that the contact lenses are inside out.
  5. Check that the base curve and diameter of the contact lens do not fit your eyes, especially if it slides easily.

If you experience discomfort when wearing contact lenses, we recommend removing the lenses in good time to avoid eye damage.

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