How to find contact lenses that make eyes look bigger

In most cases, when there are more white parts of the eyes, the eyes appear dull, so we can make our eyes brighter and more vivid by wearing lenses of appropriate diameter. If you click on this article, you must be on the lookout for beautiful contact lenses that enlarge and brighten your eyes. If you need a pair of natural and stunning magnifying lenses, the first thing you need to do is determine the diameter of the lenses. Choosing a suitable diameter is very important to enlarge and brighten your eyes. In general, the larger the diameter, the better the magnifying effect. It will also make your eyes stand out if the contact lenses have an outer ring effect. At the same time, however, it is also necessary to check whether the color diameter is too large, and the small color diameter color contact lenses will not have any noticeable amplifying effect after wearing. You also need to choose the diameter that suits you according to the size of your pupils and consider the decorative pattern and style of contact lenses to achieve the effect of making your eyes look bigger without looking weird.

If you prefer a more natural, everyday style, then 14.0mm is for you. The diameter of this type of contact lens is not too large, so it will not have an exaggerated magnifying effect after wearing it, which is very suitable for daily wear. If you want to change the color of your eyes and enjoy making your eyes look bright but not overdone, try 14.0mm contact lenses. We have 14.0mm contact lenses in a wide range of colors and styles for dark eyes to help your eyes look beautiful and natural.

The 14.2mm and 14.3mm lenses have a slightly widened effect. People with medium or small eyes can choose this size to make their eyes a little bigger without being overbearing. We have Egypt Blue, Rainbow Grey, Caramel, Olivia Moss, Candy Brown and many other colors and patterns to meet your different makeup styles.

Having the eyes of a Disney princess is no longer a dream and with unique eye makeup you are sure to be the most charming! The 14.5mm contact lenses have a dramatic magnifying effect, and with different patterns and colors, your eyes will look bigger and brighter. Let's say you want to enhance and accentuate your big eyes. In this case, you can choose our Forest Aurelia, a brilliant combination of light green and dark green with a dark edge design that makes your eyes appear brighter and more prominent, which is a must for your delicate makeup. If you're looking for a more natural look, try Forest Paris Dream, two dark circles that enhance and accentuate the size of your eyes. At the same time, the less bold colors are perfect for everyday wear to make your eyes look bigger and more natural.

With 14.7-15.0mm color contact lenses, you can achieve a stronger eye effect. This diameter of the lenses has a pronounced magnifying effect. 14.7-15.0mm is an excellent choice if you want doll eyes or cartoon effects. There are also 17.0-22.0mm exaggerated special effects cosmetic lenses, mainly used for cosplay or film and TV.

Our growing contact lens collection(Make Eyes Look Bigger)offers a wide range of lenses to suit you from eye-catching party, OOTD, Halloween cosplay, role playing, club, wedding, daily necessities and any other occasion. We have 14.0, 14.2, 14.3 and 14.5 lenses which can enlarge and brighten your eyes. Our magnifying contact lenses can do everything for you, from natural to bold, exquisite to niche, wild to sexy. Whether you need elegant makeup, sexy smoky makeup, or cute party makeup, multicolorlab can help you instantly have a pair of sparkling big eyes, which can help you quickly control different makeup styles, bringing you confidence and can give beauty.

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