Grey colored contact lenses are a fantastic fashion accessory to switch up your look. Whether you want subtle grey tones with mixes of blue or hazel, or bright grey lenses that will make your eyes sparkle and dazzle, our natural grey colored contacts are guaranteed to help take your look to the next level.

      If you’re looking for natural dark grey color contact lenses, then we have a fantastic line-up of color choices. Discover dark grey lenses such as RUSSIAN GREY or if you’re looking for multi-tone lenses then you can experiment with RUSSIAN GREY which offers a beautiful grey combination, or why not try RUSSIAN GREY CONTACT LENSES which is the perfect blend of dark greys and blues?

      As with all our colored contacts lenses, even black brown eyes can be converted into light and dark shades of grey. Our lenses cover the eyes right to the outer iris so even your black brown eyes can be converted to grey!

      The incredible color opacity of all our lenses mean that our grey colored lenses lineup can transform even the darkest brown eye into beautiful shades of grey, whether dark or light.

      If you want to achieve this look with your eye color, then we have a range of gray color contacts that will do the trick. From subtle tones to vibrant colors, we have every shade of Brown contact lenses available here at our store. Whether you're looking for soft hues or brighter shades, we've got something for everyone.

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